Over 30 FLAC lossless gaming soundtracks now on GOG.com!

Good news audiophile gamers! In GOG.com we take pride in providing you with lots and lots of downloadable goodies bundled with our versions of the games we sell, with no additional costs. Whenever its possible we try to make the GOG.com edition of each title a digital equivalent of an exclusive boxed collector’s edition. The number of MP3 gaming soundtracks we offer with our games is something we’re quite proud of. But—as any music aficionado will attest—lossy MP3-ecoded files are not the perfect medium for amazing scores. That’s why today, we’re taking it one step further. Over 30 FLAC-encoded lossless soundtrack have been just added to our games, and you can grab them alongside their respective games (in most cases for the price of the game bundle with the OST included will be $5.99 or $9.99).

The list of all currently available FLAC soundtracks can be found below, after clicking the “read more” thingie.

Another World

Battle Realms

Chaos Overlords

Crusaders of Might & Magic

Darklands (Roland MT-32, SoundBlaster16 OPL3, and the SoundBlaster OPL2 versions included!—see credits below)

Desperados Dead or Alive

Disciples: Sacred Lands Gold and Disciples 2 Gold

Earthworm Jim 1 and Earthworm Jim 2

Heroes of Might and Magic II, Heroes of Might and Magic IV, Heroes of Might and Magic V, Heroes of Might and Magic V - Hammers of Fate, and Heroes of Might and Magic V - Tribes of the East

Imperialism and Imperialism II

Jade Empire

King of Dragon Pass

KKND Xtreme


Might & Magic 6, Might & Magic 7, Might & Magic 8, and Might & Magic 9

Mob Rule

Neverwinter Nights 2(original soundtrack from the base game)

Shadow Warrior Classic Complete

The Witcher (both soundtracks: music from, and inspired by the game) and The Witcher 2

Wizardry 8

All 31 of the high-quality soundtracks are available without additional charge with their respective DRM-Free games on GOG.com. If you happen to already own any of them, the lossless FLAC format albums can now be found in their download sections.

We’d like to thank Stefan_L. for providing us with the enhanced Darklands soundtrack. Also, special thanks go to Thiev and Judas Iscariot, two members of the jolly GOG.com crew, who went above and beyond their usual duties to procure all that lossless musical goodness and make it available for your listening pleasure. That’s it from us, today. Take care, and listen to some good gaming music tonight :-)

(The Witcher OST sample used in this post is in MP3 192kbps format, so it is not representative of the FLAC quality).

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