Friday, January 31 2014, The Week on GOG.
In case you missed it, here’s what’s new!

We’re back with This Week on GOG! Or rather “The Week on GOG”, as we will call it in this new blog-based form. We know some of you miss our weekly YouTube show, so here’s something we could do in its place. A  weekly summary of our new games, amazing special offers, and GOG-related news, complete with the fan-favorite Enigmatic Hint for an upcoming release.

The clip above is an Easter egg hidden in the classic turn-based strategy title, Deadlock: Planetary Conquest. The game itself along with its sequel, Deadlock 2: Shrine Wars, has been released this Tuesday on Both games are available 33% off when purchased together. That’s Deadlock: Planetary Conquest + Deadlock 2: Shrine Wars for only $7.98, until Tuesday, February 4, at 10:59AM GMT.

More releases and the Enigmatic Hint after the jump! (By which, we mean pressing the “read more” thingie.)

SiN Gold on

SiN Gold, is a classic first-person shooter with an original futuristic story of fight against an artificial outburst of criminal tendencies, and one of the best level designs of the 1990s, coming complete with the Wages of Sin expansion. It’s available for only $9.99 on

Octodad: Dadliest Catch, a heart-touching story of a Nautical-American struggling to be the best parent and husband dry land has ever seen while keeping his true nature from his loved ones, is available 20% off on That’s only $11.99 (regular price: $14.99) until Thursday, February 6, at 5:59PM GMT.

And now for the weekend promo! In our Wargaming Weekend special you can get such amazing strategy, tactics, and otherwise war-themed games as King’s Bounty Series, Il-2 Sturmovik, Blitzkrieg Series, Silent Storm S2, and other wargames 70% off!

Finally, it’s time for a new Enigmatic Hint. This time, it won’t feature the voice of the Enigmatic T, as he was walking around without a hat in cold weather and caught something nasty that rendered him practically mute, but it’s an Enigmatic Hint for an upcoming release, nonetheless. We know you missed those, so there you are:

That’s it from us today. Please share the news about the blog, by sharing and re-blogging this, or whatever other post you find interesting! Have a great weekend!

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